tai chi

I can recommend a team of expert presenters from my own list and/or we can provide training for your current staff.  Here are some programming examples:

1. Art Classes: I have teachers with expertise in art and crafts projects, such as making your own stationary, origami flowers, decorative cloth bags, quilting, gift wrapping, etc.  Others work with more traditional fine arts skills such as Chinese Brush painting, printmaking, and collage.

2. Wellness Classes and Talks: I can bring exercise leaders trained at the University of San Francisco Kinesiology and Gerontology departments, to help improve strength, balance, and flexibility in an older adult population. Talks on nutrition, latest medical research, could also be arranged.

3. Musical Performances: I have many contacts in the music world who can bring a children’s chorus, a salsa band, groups playing music from all over the world, and classical performers to you.

4. Dance Generators: This group of about 20-25 dancers is all about creating new interactive dance pieces with elders. Their young students and your elderly participants interact through storytelling and movement to offer a truly inspiring and original experience.

5. Celebrations: Sometimes you just need to celebrate a holiday, an ethnic event, a party for a senior turning 90 plus. I can take care of all the logistics to create a joyous day that everyone will long remember.

6. Inter-generational Programs: We will connect with a nearby school to experience the joys of bringing seniors and young people together.

7. Computer classes:  Through the Community Living campaign and other connections to people with technical expertise, I can arrange to bring teachers and one-on-one assistants experienced in working with both computers and the elderly.

8. Tai Chi classes: As part of my team, we can connect you with an award-winning Tai Chi instructor who has many years of experience working with the elderly.

9. Memory Classes: Discover and practice memory exercises and mental fitness techniques, led by an experienced teacher.