Art Time Programs offers a three-part service that can be tailored to your needs:

1. Initial Presentation

I will explain (either one-on-one or at a meeting of your staff) the services we can provide for your community. Our customized approach can offer programs to suit your community’s particular needs (see the menu below)

2. Local Research

I will research the needs and resources of your site, by creating a brief survey for the staff and residents.  This will tell us about current programming, what works, what doesn’t, and determine the interest in new programs, community partnerships, and avenues of creative expression.  Such research will allow me to recommend a course of action that’s particularly appropriate for your situation.

3. Recommendation

My recommendations will include a detailed plan for moving ahead and a menu of choices for programs that will bring out the creativity of your seniors and later open doors for you to engage the larger community around your center. (One of the challenges that the elderly face is their isolation from the rest of the community.)